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#100happydays Day 19

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Day 19 of the #100happydays challenge. I’m really enjoying this little challenge. Finding something that makes me happy isn’t a problem but getting the time to take the photo and post it on facebook can pose a problem if I’m having a particularly busy day. I suppose that’s the point of the exercise, making the time. Since January I have tried to wear something green each day to signify new beginnings. I have a lovely […]


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Life, Love, Family

This May day would have marked the day that my lovely daughter reached the age of reason, according to the Catholic Church, that is. At just 11 years of age I would have to argue that she has a few years to go yet! I remember the build up to my own First Holy Communion and Confirmation days. I really was excited about the whole thing. From receiving the host for the first time, to […]