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#happydays Challenge Day 35, 36, 37 and 38!!

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I think I mentioned before that I undertook to post a picture on Facebook everyday for a hundred days for the #100happydays challenge. I thought it might be interesting to blog the reason why the image I post makes me happy. While I manage to post the picture to Facebook each day it’s not as easy to make the ┬átime to write the explanation. I know there are a few readers who are following the […]

#100happydays Day 22

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#100happydays / Life, Love, Family

    Blue skies, no rain and the boy kicking ball = happy mammy! Day 22 and after a very busy, very hectic weekend Chez Shiels I was happy to do a quick tidy of the house, make my self a cup of tea and sit on the sofa in front of the fire with my laptop. Creating class plans………..not aimlessly surfing the net browsing at funky knitting needles and ┬ábeautifully coloured wool! The dog […]