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Rainy Day Ramblings

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My blog has been badly neglected over the past month or so. Creativity bootcamp finished up at the end of October and while I miss the constant interaction with the lovely bunch of creative, innovative and talented folk who took part, I am finding that a break from social media and the internet is doing me good. I enjoyed the bootcamp immensely and have made some wonderful connections that are blossoming into friendships outside of […]

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Hello, it’s been a while. I’m a week into Creativity Bootcamp hosted by That Curious Love of Green and am enjoying the experience immensely. I have recently fallen from my stoicism bandwagon and have been very hard on myself about my lack of commitment. So yeah, I did what any reason and sane person might do. Jumped into a new commitment! A commitment that asked for two daily actions, one was daily journaling and the other […]

What’s new at Crabtree Cottage?

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Hello and welcome to anyone who joined me recently, I’ve been swamped with work related tasks and while it’s time consuming it pays the bills and sure isn’t it fantastic that my hours are increasing? Wouldn’t I be singing a different tune if they were being cut? It just means what time I have left is divided between family, house keeping and friends. Past times  are not getting a look in at all lately and I’m […]