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A Room of One’s Own

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I haven’t been writing lately. Between February and May my motivation for writing came from the #100happydays challenge. Since it ended I haven’t been as disciplined about sitting down regularly to lay down some words. Yet I have words in me that what to get out. During my time in college I had a little study built at the top of the stairs. It’s nestled under the eaves, cosy and snug during the winter months […]

#100happydays Day 31

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  This morning  passed in a bit of a blur. I just couldn’t drag myself out of the bed. Not a great start. If I’m late up so are the kids and my routine is messed up!! For a change the kids were standing waiting at the door as I was still drying my hair and tossing what I needed into my handbag. We did make it to the school on time and I did […]

Words of Wisdom

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I’m a thinker. I’ve always sat and pondered stuff. Sometimes it can be a bad thing. I clearly remember Mammy Byrne telling me on more than one occasion that I think too much. It didn’t stop me. I’ve always loved writing my thoughts down. Before my children came along I used to send their Dad cards regularly. In these cards I would write my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, my fears. When my babies arrived […]